Any liquid can cause havoc on your phone and potentially send it to an early watery grave. Many of us assume that water damage only happens when they drop their phone in the pool or in the loo when, actually, water damage can happen in all sorts of ways! This week, we’re giving you the tech tips you need to avoid sneaky water damage! 

1       Shower Steam

Don’t take your phone into the bathroom. Steam from your shower (or bath) can turn into water droplets and damage your phone. You won’t even know it’s happened until your phone breaks. Rather leave your phone in your bedroom.

2       Leaving your phone in the car

Don’t leave your phone in the car. If it’s cold outside your phone will get cold, causing condensation. Likewise, don’t leave your phone in the car when it’s hot outside. Not only will the direct sunlight damage your screen, but it can also cause the phone to sweat from the heat, once again causing unexpected water damage.

3       Using your phone in the rain

Don’t use your phone in the rain. It may just be a small rain shower with a few drops, but all it takes is one drop to make its way into the phone, causing short circuits, or buttons to not work at all.

4      Moisture from your body

Moisture from daily placement on your body or usage can result in water damage. It seems pretty unbelievable but it’s quite common. Many of us keep our phones in our pockets, inside our jackets or even in lingerie, where it’s exposed to sweat and body heat.

Small things that you wouldn’t even think of – would cause water damage such like keeping your phone on you while you exercise, or holding your phone to your ear on a hot sweaty day, or even residue from hot breath can cause water damage.

What to do when water damage happens
Water damage can happen to anyone but knowing what to do when it happens will keep you from making the damage worse.
Here are some easy steps to follow if your phone is exposed to water:
1. Don’t attempt to turn it on, this will just cause more damage.
2. Bring the water-damaged device in to a hi store as soon as possible. The sooner you bring it in, the better the chances of getting it fixed. However, please keep in mind that water damage is not covered under warranty.