Limiting screen time for kids during the school holidays is always a concern for busy parents. While less is always better, if you’re being honest with yourself it’s not a realistic option to cut it out completely. If you change the way you look at screens from a passive entertainment device and instead approach it as a tool to creativity you can turn screen time into a really positive experience for your kids.

Here are five ideas for flipping the switch on screens for the school holidays:

Colour Hunt


A simple activity that will keep the kids busy for ages is a colour or shape hunt. You give them a colour or shape (e.g Yellow or Circle) and they have to search around the house for things that match the colour/shape and snap pics of them with a phone or tablet and see how many they can collect. This fun game can be played inside or outside and have them really looking to find everything from flowers to shoes and toys that match the colour you have assigned them. 

Get Crafty!

There are so many craft ideas on sites like Pinterest and parenting blogs. Follow craft step by steps from your screen rather than them printing out. 

Check out these boards for ideas: 

Learn New Moves


There is lots of free content on the internet we just need to choose the ones that get the kids out of their seats and moving around. From kids Pilates and Yoga to dance lessons, YouTube has lots of choices when it comes to getting your littles to let loose and move.  

Try these:

Movie Maker:

This idea is great for older kids who are reluctant to do anything other than just watch shows or play video games. Challenge them to create a 5-minute movie using a phone or tablet to film. They can then edit it and add titles and music using free video editing apps. This engaging activity will require planning and creative thinking. Motivate them by having a film premiere for the whole family at the end of the holiday with popcorn and treats to watch the end product.


Baking with kids can be messy but it’s a really fun way to spend quality time together during the holidays. 

Use your phone or tablet as your child-friendly cookbook and get super simple recipe ideas for kids. 


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TOP TIP: Remember to keep your screen clean!

Did you know that phones and tablets are full of germs? Don’t worry, following some basic tips to keep your phone clean and germ-free can help you avoid getting sick.



Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser BEFORE touching your phone. Usually, we don’t think twice about picking up our phones after touching public spaces, but making sure your hands are clean before touching your most frequently touched possession will make sure your phone stays clean



While a soft microfibre cloth it the safest way to clean your phone if you want to get rid of germs you can gently wipe your phone with a disinfectant wipe. Just be sure to do so gently and avoid all ports and openings from getting moisture.