Make money from your old phone by cleaning it inside and out. Follow these simple steps to make sure your personal info is safe, and that your old phone is (almost) as good as new for the next owner.

  1. Remove the sim card

Even if a sim card won’t fit your new device, you should still remove it from your old phone. This will protect the privacy of your contacts and get the phone ready for the new owner to insert theirs.

  1. Remove the memory card

If your old phone has a removable memory card, this is the easiest way to move as many photos, videos and other files onto your new one. Make sure your new device has a microSD slot that can take your a memory card.

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  1. Delete your data

Before you do this, make sure you have backed up your data or saved everything you want to keep on a hard drive or laptop. The quickest way to completely clear your phone is to restore factory settings. You can usually find this in the ‘settings’ area of your phone. Doing this will clear all your photos, videos, music, installed apps and any custom settings.

If you already have your new phone, watch our video on ‘how to transfer data’

Image above shows how to restore your old phone to factory settings. Got to ‘settings’, then select ‘system’,  then ‘reset’ and finally click on ‘factory data reset’.

  1. Wipe your phone

Of course you won’t be able to remove scratches or scuffs, but you can make sure there are no finger marks on your screen or dirt or in the charging ports by wiping the screen with a soft cloth and gently cleaning the ports with a toothpick or matchstick.

  1. Put all the bits together

If you’ve been really good and kept the box, place the phone and any accessories that came with it, neatly back in place. But don’t worry if it’s long gone, at the very least neatly wrap the charger up and place in in a packet with the phone.

Not sure how to do some of these steps? Pop into your nearest hi store, our friendly team is always happy to help!