Every year there’s more and more hype in the build-up to Black Friday in South Africa. The really awesome deals are very limited, so if you want to take advantage of the insane bargains Black Friday is famous for, you need to prepare to shop like a pro. Don’t get left in the dark. Follow our shopping tips for the best chance at snagging some real deals.

1. Get out of the red for Black Friday

It’s time up to pay up and pay off! Clear your accounts before Black Friday to make as much credit available to you for shopping on the day. Trust us, it will be more than worth it when that once in a lifetime deal comes around.

2. Stalk your favourite brands

If your favourite brands or stores are having a Black Friday sale, make sure you sign up to their email newsletter and follow them on social media so that you can get wind of their offers first. They usually share the latest info on these platforms as a reward to their fans.

3. Make your wishlist dreams come true

You don’t know what will be on Black Friday sales until the day of. So if there are items you’ve had your eye on but they are out of your budget, create wishlists on your favourite sites so that when Black Friday hits, you can quickly check your lists to see if any of the items have been marked down.

4. Multitask with multiple tabs

Time is not on your friend on Black Friday. You need to browse fast and check out even faster. If you’re watching more than one website, put your multitasking skills to good use and open multiple tabs to easily flip between and compare without having to load a new page each time.

5. It pays to prioritise

We get it, you want everything. But making a priority list of key items you need before Black Friday will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by multiple deals on the day. You may really want those sneakers but you really need that laptop. Black Friday is also the perfect time to save cash and stock up on gifts at a better price.

6. Snooze you lose

Black Friday is not the day for sleeping in, in fact, it is a day for waking up really early, or staying up really late (however you choose to look at it). Most websites start their deals at midnight on Black Friday so staying up late on Thursday night is definitely worth it. You can also bag really amazing deals at the close of Black Friday when some brands mark down their deals even further.

Whichever way you decide to approach this crazy shopping day, have fun and grab at least one bargain.

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