Stop acting like you’ve never felt a little bit anxious about missing out on something cool. FOMO gets the best (and most mature) of us. You’ll have one less stylish thing to miss out on, thanks to hi-online’s gadget store.

Activate everybody’s style FOMO with these gadgets:

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier
A gorgeous timepiece to track how many moments of style you have, might just be the penultimate travel essential. New York is known for its fast pace – and you don’t want to fall behind – so keep up using your black Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

LuMee light up phone case
Seen wrapped around the phones of international magazine cover stars and local influencers alike, these cases are the trendiest pieces to evoke FOMO in anyone who spots your gorgeous selfie. It also has a really convenient backup flashlight.

JBL T450 Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear headphones
Forget earphones with tangling wires, the coolest folks walking the streets, rock wireless headphones. Sure you could use them to block out the sometimes loud and bland outside world; but on the days your life requires a soundtrack, these headphones provide the best kind of sound system.

Kingsons Vogue Series Ladies Bag
The logistics of carrying around a laptop is always a bit of a mission. Sure you have the basic bag you first got, when you got your laptop, but now it’s kind of clunky. Invest in the stylish Kingsons Vogue Series Ladies Bag so you can serve life while carrying your precious around the city.

Which hi-online style gadget will suit your lifestyle best? Treat yourself this summer and be the envy of all your friends 😉

Author: Olwethu-Thando Klaas.