New York Fashion Week is not for the unprepared. It’s a fashionably perfumed whirlwind of great taste, scheduled excitement and influence. You’re likely to split a cab with a rushing model, and stand people watching side-by-side with a renowned features writer, as you all inevitably get swept up in the vibe.

If you’re a content creator like myself or just a person who likes capturing the best moments in life, you’re going to need the best gadgets to survive NYFW.

The Dell Inspiron Notebook
I can’t survive vacations without my laptop. The Dell notebook is there for you when you need to edit and publish your captured images on the go – the perks of being media at a fashion week is the plug and go Media Lounge.

Body Glove LG G6 Tempered Glass
You don’t have to only be clumsy, to need your cellphone screen protected. Ensure your phone stays safe with a body glove that will survive rushing to runway shows, taking down awesome new peoples contact details in a crowd, and surviving NYFW afterparty craziness.

Lexar 64GB Jump Flash Drive
A fashion blogger knows the right images are sometimes the essentials of influence, so keep the Lexar Flash Drive handy when you spot somebody taking an awesome shot of you, and get them to transfer the images while you hang out in the Media Lounge.

X-Dorla Glitter Lux Samsung Galaxy S8 Cover
Its fashion week and everything on you makes a statement, so change up your regular cover for something that glitters. Some of the best street style shots involve attendees in candid selfie moments with their cute smartphone covers.

Lexar 32GB Micro Memory Card
No one goes to an event these days without having the urge to document it. Ensure you have all the space you need to save your fashion week experience, on your device. Imagine having no space to save the blurry but awesome selfie you just took with Cara Delevingne?

So, whether you’re a content creator or just a happy snapper, make sure you have all the best gadgets from hi-online this summer.

Author: Olwethu-Thando Klaas.