If you’re thinking of investing in your first laptop, you don’t want to miss out on this range of affordable laptops that have the looks, specs and a great price.

About the brand: Who is Connex? They are a new brand from the same company that brings you the popular range of well priced, quality tech accessories Volkano and Amplify. These lightweight laptops are ideal for students and people on-the-go.

Good looks: Let’s face facts, most starter laptops are pretty ugly! Connex laptops, however, have an impressively premium look, which is really surprising when you see their affordable price tag. A slim metallic body and stylish contrast keypad make these notebooks compete with the sleek looks of some really exclusive, pricey machines available on the market.

Great specs: While each laptop in the range is different, overall the specs of Connex notebooks are really impressive. A decent amount of storage, plenty of USB ports and decent screen sizes make these good-looking laptops really functional too.

Great partners: Connex may be new, but they have partnered with long-trusted brands. All Connex laptops have Intel chipsets allowing users to work and play quickly and seamlessly; while Microsoft Windows 10, offers increased security and performance.

Which one is for you?

Students on-the-go

The Net Book

At a great price and available in 2 metallic colours (silver and gold) this 14inch laptop is big enough to work on comfortably but light enough at 1,5kg to carry around. Plus it comes with a free laptop bag!

Connex Net Book – R2799 (was R2999)

The Slim book

At only 1,4kg it won’t weigh down your bag and comes with a free 1-month Office 365 trial (free for students)

Connex Slim Book – R2799

The startup entrepreneur

The Iron Book

With a sleek silver body, this laptop will make sure you look professional on the hustle. A built-in 2 Megapixel camera and microphone means you can work anywhere and keep in touch.

Connex Iron Book – R3499

The work-from-home freelancer

The All-In-One PC

This allrounder looks like a tablet but offers a full PC experience on its 17.3-inch screen. Use the mouse and keyboard when you’re working at home, and then grab and go and use the touch screen functionality when you’re on the move.

Connex All-In-One PC – R3999

Don’t have the cash to splash right now, but need a laptop fast? Don’t stress, you can buy one on your TFG account online and in-store or on lay-by in-store.

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