“It’s a brave new world – where gadgets reign supreme!”

I’ve had an amazing experience at New York Fashion Week; I expected as much – movies can’t be too wrong, right?

With my Motorola Z, available at hi, I was able to capture the moments I needed – the perfect and imperfect. My memories are now safely saved on this device – and my Lexar memory card – to view whenever my hardworking Incipio powerbank charges it up.

From the glittering Greta Constantine showcase to the star-studded front row Lunya show, and a golden opportunity to view G-Star x Pharrell William’s collaboration, I experienced NYFW in all of its untamed glory. The best moment? Recording an impromptu interview with model & actor, Broderick Hunter of HBO fame, on my Moto Z!

Throughout the hustle and bustle, my celeb-spotting, pop culture mania, architecture awe, and precious foodie blessings were protected with clarity by my Protection Pro SA screen guard – ideal for life-proofing your phone!

Hi graciously introduced me to the gadgets I didn’t know I needed, to continue successfully and efficiently as a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger.

With many events coming up over the holiday season, what are your essential gadgets? Shop my gadget selections and find the ones to help you live your smart life!

Author: Olwethu-Thando Klaas