With so many choices available, you might find yourself asking which Android Smartphone is the best? We highlight and introduce our top picks from 4 super affordable and impressive Android smartphone brands to see which one fits your budget and lifestyle. Read more to discover Android phones from Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Tecno.

Why Android? Pros and Cons of Android

When choosing a new phone, consider the operating system or OS that it runs on. The operating system is like the brain of your phone, so if you go for one that has been tried and tested, like Android, you can pretty much bet you will have a good user experience, no matter the make or model of the device.

5 features of Android OS that make it a reliable choice:

1.Trusted technology.
Android has been around since 2008 with an updated and improved version available for download every year
2.Google loves Android.
Android is integrated with Google products and services like Gmail, Play Store, YouTube and more
3.Do more.
Android can run more than one app at a time
4.More choice.
There are more phones available at cheaper prices
5.More space.
Android devices usually have expandable storage

So what are the Cons?

Running more than one app at a time can drain your battery faster. But for all the pros, we say it’s still worth it.

If you’ve had an Android before and you’re deciding between an unfamiliar, new brand of phone, an Android operating system will feel the same in terms of the apps and systems you are used to.

Find out all about the latest Android OS here and some of the awesome Android devices (including Xiaomi and Vivo) highlighted on the Android website here

Which Android is the best for me?

hi carries a wide choice of Android phones that you can discover here. You already know brands like Samsung and Huawei so let’s get to know some lesser known but super impressive Android Smartphones from new brands that are blowing us away with features and value.


xiaomi smartphone in south africa

Chinese brand Xiaomi has been in South Africa since 2015, delivering some pretty awesome mid-range smartphones to the SA market. In fact, they have sold hundreds of millions of units globally. They are known for their high spec devices at lower price points.

Discover more about how Xiaomi can offer such great specs at great prices in the hi Xiaomi blog post here.

Xiaomi impresses with:

All round high specs at affordable prices

Choose Xiaomi if you want to try a new brand but want something trustworthy that has been in the market for a while.

Xiaomi phones we love:

Best spec: 5G capability  at a great price                   Best spec: 5000mAh high-capacity battery

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oppo south africa

Founded in 2004, OPPO originated in China, is one of the world’s top 10 cellphone brands and launched in South African in 2020. Their phones are known for their beautiful and easy to use ColorOS Android operating system that they created to make your experience smoother, simpler and more streamlined.

Discover more about OPPO in our detailed blog post here.

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OPPO impresses with:

High spec front cameras (Selfie cam!) and built in AI beauty filter

Choose OPPO if you are all about snapping the perfect Selfie, OPPO is for you.

OPPO phones we love:

Best spec: 16MP Selfie Cam                                                  Best spec: 13MP AI Triple Camera

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vivo south africa price

This Chinese smartphone brand has been around since 2009 and has been a big hit in India. They are known for their great value for high specs, premium high fashion looks and added value (free gifts!) offerings.

Vivo impresses with:

Great main camera performance and specs

Choose Vivo if you are all about getting the perfect shot using your phone camera to capture moments and video.

Vivo phones we love:

  Best spec: 17MP AI Triple Camera                                   Best spec: 23MP Triple Camera

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tecno sa

TECNO mobile has been around since 2006 and is now one of the top 3 mobile phone brands in Africa. Fun fact: it is also the official handset and tablet sponsor of Manchester City F.C! They are known for their premium looking smartphones at an affordable price.

TECNO impresses with:

Good looking, premium style smartphones with impressive specs to match

Choose Tecno if you are all about staying on top of the latest trends

Tecno phones we love:

Best spec: Stylish ombre blue body                                          Best spec: On-trend blue case

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We know that trying a new brand can seem a bit scary, but you can shop with confidence when you buy your smartphone from hi. Our team of tech buyers choose only the best brands to stock our stores, plus every smartphone bought from hi includes a free 2 year warranty.

Want to try these phones in person? Find a hi store near you and check them out for yourself!

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