The hassle-free solution is finally here; Urworld SIM. An affordable international SIM card you can buy and set up before you travel, ready to use as you land in your holiday destination. Read our travel tips for how to get the most from your Urworld SIM for your next vacay!

How much does it cost:

A Urworld SIM costs just R299 with €10 airtime pre-loaded for you to use. You can top up your SIM with additional data and airtime using the free Urworld app or on the Urworld website from your phone. Urworld also has some of the lowest rates for SMS, VOIP and data so your credit will last longer than other international SIMs.

How it works:

Once you have bought your SIM, simply register your SIM online and choose your free international number.

Available in all 3 SIM sizes, you simply replace your SIM or insert it into your second SIM slot if you have a Dual Sim phone.

Once you switch your phone back on the SIM will pick up a network and you’re good to go!

Why buy before you fly?

The last thing you want to worry about is setting up a SIM card when you finally land on holiday soil. Setting up your SIM before you travel means you can hit the ground running and make the most of every second of long-awaited adventure. Especially if you are travelling in a country where the primary language isn’t English, you can avoid trying to communicate in hand signals for what kind of SIM you need to well-meaning shop assistants.

5 tips to get the most from your Urworld SIM

1. Share your holiday in real time

No more waiting until you get back to the hotel at the end of a long day to share your vacay snaps. Make your friends comment #holidaygoals while you shop til you drop or Insta Story that unreal sunset as it happens over the city of your dreams. Urworld means you’re connected while on the move.

2. Skip the train and Uber

Sure public transport is cheap, but it’s also hot, sweaty, hard to navigate and sometimes hard to find when you’re new to a city. When you’re connected outside of your hotel room on a Urworld SIM, you can order an Uber for your tired travel-weary feet to your next destination right from where you stand.

3. Eat like a local

The best part about travelling is finding hidden gems to enjoy an authentic treat outside of the obvious tourist traps. Use your data connection to trawl Instagram by searching for foodie hashtags in the city or town you’re visiting to see where the locals are eating Instagram worthy meals.

4. Don’t get lost

It can be fun getting lost in a new place and discovering something new, but when time is limited and that museum you really want to visit is closing in an hour, Google Maps is your best friend! Choose the walking mode and get back on the right track fast!

5. Call home

With a data connection, you call home on Skype or Whatsapp without spending loads on international call rates. VoIP calls can be even cheaper if you use the Urworld app or Blab Box on iPhone or Android.

With no hidden costs, no contracts and a lifetime of use in multiple countries, this hassle-free SIM is the only one you’ll need for all your future adventures.

Available at 25 selected hi stores and online here, buy yours today and check the first and most important item off your holiday to-do list.