Are you keen to get into gaming but you’re not sure where to start?

We’ve put together some of the major differences between PC gaming and Console gaming so that you can decide which one is best for you and your budget.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

This question seems to be a long-standing debate between gamers who are very passionate about both. The answer is a bit annoying because there are pros and cons to both platforms. Let’s take you through these and give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision.


What is PC gaming?

PC gaming refers to either a desktop or laptop computer setup for gaming however, most gamers opt for desktop computers over laptops as they have better hardware required for gaming and experts seem to think that the only thing a laptop has got going for it when it comes to gaming is portability.


What is Console gaming?

Household names like Nintendo, Sony and Xbox are the brands that dominate the console gaming market and have been around for decades. Console gaming is the once-off system you buy to enable you to game to your heart’s content without needing any other equipment apart from new games.

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Console gaming can end up being more cost-effective than PC gaming, which may come as a huge shock to you if you’ve looked at the prices of gaming consoles lately. Although a console is a large sum of money initially, it is considered a once-off investment and can last up to a decade if taken care of with no need to upgrade the hardware or buy any new components for it apart from the games.


PC gaming is far more complicated, but gaming purists swear by it being bigger, better and the only way to game. A budget desktop computer is not going to cut it or be compatible with most AAA games (games that get the most hype and have the most cutting-edge graphics) so you’ll need to be looking at a mid-range to top-of-the-range PC that has the hardware and software needed to get the most out of it. Gaming PCs also need to be upgraded from time to time to keep them up-to-date and running optimally, not to mention all the accessories needed for gaming like gaming mice, gaming keyboards and gaming headsets.


Many enthusiasts build their own computers using top-of-the-range components to create the ultimate gaming PC to suit their needs. This means that as upgrades are needed, you can buy and sell various components and upgrade where necessary to keep your gaming device at the level you need it.


If the idea of building your gaming PC seems too overwhelming and you’re leaning towards PC gaming, you’ll need to look at your budget and figure out what computer you can afford that offers the processing speed you need for optimum gaming. If you want to read more about CPUs and the different processors out there, have a look at our recent article on laptops as this info will be able to guide you on CPUs for desktops too.


It’s important to remember that for PC gaming you’ll also need to get the right accessories to truly level up your playing, so when it comes to investing it’s not just the PC that needs to be included in your budget.
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Gaming Accessories  

Gaming Mice

Unlike a normal computer mouse, gaming mice are customised devices that allow you to click at super-fast speeds and stay one step ahead of your opponent. Their advanced software offers gamers low latency (the lag from click to response) in comparison, an ordinary mouse has high latency which just isn’t going to cut it in the competitive world of gaming.

razer Deathadder V2 Gaming Mouse

Gaming headsets

Always be on your A-game with the help of a gaming headset. With superior sound quality compared to regular headphones as well as a built-in microphone that lets you shout at your friends or fellow gamers during multiplayer games, a gaming headset gives you the ability to react much more quickly to surround sounds like enemy footsteps or background gunfire that wouldn’t be as crisp or clear if you weren’t using one.

Turtlebeach Stealth Gaming Headset

Gaming Keyboards

A gaming keyboard along with other gaming accessories like headsets and mice, allow you to enhance your performance as they have been designed to (literally) up your game. Most have backlighting so that gaming in the dark (which is preferred by most gamers) is a breeze and some can even be customised to colour code keys according to your personal preference.

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming KeyboardPC gaming can get complicated with the many different key sequences per game and gaming keyboards allow users to program game macros- meaning you can program the key sequence to work by pressing a single key and creating shortcuts when gaming.

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Games and Compatibility

A lot of popular games out there are available for both PC and console but there are exceptions specifically designed for PC or exclusive games brought out by Nintendo or Sony to boost the sales of their consoles. If you’ve got ideas of games you’d love to play then it’s a good idea to first check which platform they’re available on as this will likely guide your gaming platform decision.


In the past, console games were bought from an actual shop but with everything available online nowadays, each console brand has an online store which makes it simple and easy to purchase the latest releases or whatever game you’re looking for. You can still go out and buy hard copies – which makes sense if you’re looking at swapping or selling games using a second-hand market platform.


The most well-known online platform for PC gaming is called Steam – but hard copy PC games (which usually just have a unique activation code) are also available from retail stores.

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If you’re looking for more of a plug and play set up, then console gaming is the way to go. You won’t need to purchase expensive accessories and you’ll be investing in something that will provide you with years of entertainment. If you’re a tech junkie and top-end graphics is what you’re after then PC gaming is probably right for you. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

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