When you think of the Hisense brand, ‘TV’ is probably the first word that springs to mind, and for good reason. Hisense is the number one TV brand in China, Australia and South Africa, offering consumers innovative technology at an incredibly affordable price. The company has been around for almost five decades and despite only manufacturing smartphones for the last several years, the brand is starting to make waves in the industry by following their TV model- packing a lot into their smartphones at an affordable price. 

Hisense E50 Lite

The E50 and E50 lite are the latest smartphones to join their range, let’s take a look at why they’re getting such rave reviews and how they compare to the E40 and E40 Lite. 


Spec Overview 


Specs Hisense E50 Hisense E50 Lite Hisense E40 Hisense E40 Lite
Screen size  6.55 inch  6.52 inch  6.5 inch  6.1 inch
Camera  8MP Selfie Cam and 13MP+5MP+2MP Rear Camera 8MP Selfie Cam and 

13MP+2MP Rear Camera 

8MP Selfie Cam and 13MP+5MP+2MP Rear Camera 8MP Selfie Cam and

 13MP+2MP Rear Camera 

Memory 64 GB 32 GB  32GB 32GB
Operating system  Android 11  Android 11 Android 10 Android 9
Battery  5100mAh  4500mAh  4000mAh  3050mAh 



The Hisense E40 is currently discounted and is going for R1999 while the E40 Lite is currently at R1799. As you can see by the spec table, the E50 range has been made bigger and better to keep up with what consumers are wanting and expecting from a smartphone upgrade- improved battery life and a better-quality camera. The E50 is priced at R2699 and the E50 Lite around R1999, a slightly higher price for amazing improvements. 


Screen Size 

Both the E50 and the E50 Lite have large 6.5 inch screens making your TikToks, photos and personal content larger than life. 

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If you ever took a photo with a phone camera ten to fifteen years ago we’re sure that you can notice how smartphone cameras have improved dramatically in recent years, and because of the Tik-Tok and Insta world we live in, a smartphone camera is arguably the biggest selling point when it comes to purchasing a new phone. 


What is the Difference Between a Triple Camera and a Quad Camera? 

Hisense camera comparison

       Hisense E50 Lite with triple camera                            Hisense E50 with quad camera

As the name suggests, a quad camera offers four camera lenses which are displayed on the back of the phone like the image of the E50 above. 

A quad camera usually has a primary camera lens, zoom lens, ultra-wide-angle lens and a depth sensor. The combination of these lenses is designed to give you enhanced photographic abilities and for this reason, they have become so popular and sought-after.

Triple camera smartphones have three lenses, and the actual lenses differ from phone to phone. There isn’t a uniform set of three or four lenses that go into a triple or quad camera although manufacturers do tend to use the same combination, so if specific lenses are important to you, you’ll need to research the smartphone camera and not just assume that if it is a triple camera it has what you’re looking for.  


The E50 offers 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM so that you never have to worry about running out of space. The E50 Lite has 32GB plus 3GB of RAM, so if storage space is one of your main reasons for upgrading your smartphone, we would recommend stretching your budget and going for the E50. 


The higher the mAh number (which stands for milliampere-hour) the bigger the battery and the longer the battery life. Manufacturers usually work on ‘typical’ usage when they give an estimate of battery life, but it really comes down to what you’re doing as well as the phone’s features, hardware and software. 

The E50 has a 5100mAh battery and the E50 Lite’s is 4500mAh. 

Just because we are comparing the two, don’t think that a 4500mAh battery isn’t an incredible battery, because it is! Some of the top-selling Samsung smartphones on the market have a 4500mAh battery and this size battery is a major selling point. So, if you’re happy with all the other features of the E50 Lite and you’re feeling swayed by the larger battery of the E50, we say go with the E50 Lite. 

If you’d like to take a closer look at battery life and capacity, read through this article on Android Authority. 

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