Hyped as having some of the best in category video and camera specs, the Samsung Galaxy A Series range also boasts loads of on-board memory so that your creativity is unrestricted in the moment. Perfect for stunting your content skills in August for photography, tech or design in our #LiveTheHighLife influencer search. 

So how do you make sure you capture dope content? Practice, editing and loads of material. You don’t want to be limited by ‘storage full’ notifications mid-shoot so enough onboard storage is key. 

Here are our top tips for capturing epic moments in photography, tech and design:

Tip 1

Shoot, shoot and shoot some more

At the end of the day when you sit down to edit your content piece, you want to make sure you have lots of options to choose from to achieve the perfect look. There is a reason photographers take thousands of photos in one day and only end up selecting a handful. There are so many variables like light, the model, angles etc that having many shots guarantees there will be at least one winner. 

Tip 2

Use the Burst function 

If you’re prone to blinking or shooting a group of people, burst mode takes loads of shots at once a few milliseconds apart capturing options for you to choose from later. 

Tip 3

Use apps to edit your images 

The amazing content you see on your favourite influencers feed is not how they shot it. Every good content creator knows that edits are everything. Once you’ve picked your best shots try out apps like Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express and VSCO to create the final product. 

Tip 4

Plan your feed

You’ve gone to all the trouble of selecting the perfect shots and editing them so don’t let your posting let you down. All the best influencers plan their grid to make sure the images posted next to each other have a flow and balance of colour and theme. Try out apps like Preview or Later

All of these tips need space. Space to download editing apps and space to store your shots. Check out our comparison table to see how the Samsung Galaxy A Series 2020 range measures up when it comes to storage. 




Samsung A01

Samsung A21S

Samsung A31


From R2299

from R4099 R6999


5.71-inch 6.5-inch


Camera  13MP + 2MP Rear 

5MP Selfie 

48.0 MP + 8.0 MP + 2.0 MP + 2.0 MP Quad Rear

13MP Selfie 

48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 5MP Quadl Rear

20MP Selfie

Battery  3000 mAh 5000mAh 5000mAh
Memory 16GB  32GB 128GB


If you’re on a budget, the A01 will give you everything you need for creating plus the extendable memory lets you increase it with an SD card up to 512GB. But if you’re up for spending a bit more, the A21S doubles your memory with an amazing Quad cam or head into the big leagues with a 128GB A31. 


MODEL  Samsung A51  Samsung A71
Price R7999 from R11999
Screen 6.5-inch 6.7-inch
Camera  48.0 MP + 12.0 MP + 5.0 MP + 5.0 MP Quad Rear

32MP Selfie

64MP + 12MP + 5MP + 5MP Quad Rear

32MP Selfie 

Battery  4000mAh 4500mAh
Memory 128GB 128GB

Level up to influencer status with the A51 and A71 devices that have seriously impressive camera specs and a big enough memory to store your game-changing content. 


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