During the month of August hi was on the lookout for a final recruit to become the next hi influencer with the brief to show us their best ‘photography, tech and design’ content. After loads of super impressive entries, there was a standout winner in Denga! Find out more about her. 

Who is the newest hi recruit? 

Denga Mabuda – @denga_mabuda

I’m a hardworking young adult who loves to meet new people! I am passionate, punctual and consistent.

What do you do? 

I’m a full-time Accounting Student at the University of Johannesburg. I am also a Freelance Writer, Content Creator and tutor to matriculants.


Where did your passion for content creation come from?

I started to get into creating content in September last year when I reviewed a skin product that my followers fell in love with. I am inspired by beauty and hair as I admire sharing beauty tips and trying out different hairstyles. As for lifestyle I just love showing people what I’m up to. I also see myself as innovative so I love keeping up with the latest tech. 


What gets you up in the morning?

The fear of becoming average!

What tech do you use that has made creating easier? 

Currently, I use the Huawei p30 lite to take pictures and use an ASUS laptop to edit them. I always make sure I have my Samsung Ultra Power Bank to recharge my battery when creating content on the go. I can’t wait to start using my Samsung Galaxy A51 though to capture the perfect shots!


What tips do you have for aspiring influencers?

Consistency is key! Always align the brand in a positive way and understand what’s expected from you by the brand. 

Check out Denga on Instagram @denga_mabuda