During the month of July, hi was on the lookout for a new recruit to become the next hi influencer with the brief to show us their best ‘outdoor, fitness and active’ content. After loads of super impressive entries, there was a clear winner in @fitmorati. Find out more about her and how you could be the third and final winner in August.

Meet Morati Sethabela, our newest hi recruit!


I’m a 36-year-old mother of two and I’m both an introvert and an extrovert (if that even makes sense) I’m a communicator by profession and I love fitness and being active. I’m also an adrenalin junkie. I’m not scared of taking risks and I believe in life, everything happens for a reason. I’m the kind of person who goes for what they want and believe in no matter the circumstances.

My motto in life, hard work beats talent when talent fails to work.

What do you do? 

I’m a Communications Deputy-Director at a government department and I train women who want to transform their bodies. I also host workout sessions on my fitness Facebook page.

Morati says her motto in life is ‘hard work beats talent when talent fails to work.’

Where did your passion for fitness come from?

My fitness journey started in 2010, after giving birth to my first son. I was clueless about what I was doing because I focused too much on cardio-exercise. I lost weight but I was what we call “skinny fat”. I also did some road running but I didn’t enjoy it, I just did it to maintain my weight.

In June 2017 I tried weight lifting and have never been happier. Weightlifting gives me the confidence that doing cardio alone didn’t. I feel strong, full of energy and I don’t get sick that often. I’m fearless knowing the things my body is capable of doing with a little bit of concentrated will power. 

Fitness lifestyle turned into a whole new meaning when it was the only thing that gave me comfort when I lost my father in March 2019. The training helped me deal with the pain. I would slip in and out of depression but I was able to cope with my loss by focusing on my training and eating habits. I felt good, I felt happier. It saved me from the worst. 

I also love how fitness makes me feel. I always have energy and I love how my skin benefits from a healthy lifestyle. It gives me great satisfaction to help other women on their weight loss journey and I just enjoy being a fit person. 

Training and healthy eating habits make Morati feel younger, healthier and happier.

What gets you up in the morning?

Being presented with lifes opportunities! I really look forward to sessions with my clients and ladies in my Facebook group. Being able to make a difference in people’s lives by just doing what I love every day gives me so much joy. Seeing their body transformation and hearing how following me on IG has changed their lives is priceless. I also enjoy being a communicator, a challenging but satisfying job. 


What tech do you use that has made creating easier? 

I use apps like Canva and Preview to edit and plan my content. I also recently invested in a ring light tripod stand. Lighting is everything!


What tips do you have for aspiring influencers for the August part of the competition?

Don’t try too hard, just be as authentic as possible. I think it shows when you’re being real and enjoying what you do.

Check out Morati on Instagram @fitmorati


Do you want to be the next hi influencer?

Here’s how you can still win loads of prizes valued at R10 000:

In the month of August, we want to see your photography, tech and design content!

Post your image or 30-second video on ANY platform (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc.) then share it to either Instagram or Facebook.

Tag us on Insta or Facebook & use #LiveTheHiLife to create a valid entry.

Have fun and do YOU!

Ts & Cs apply.

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