Shopping for a new laptop can be daunting. But once you understand what all the specs mean and how they actually make a difference to you, you can decide how to best spend your money on a machine that will work hard for you.

Screen size: all about the inches:

With a laptop, size is everything. It affects the weight you’ll have to carry around, your viewing area and the overall look of the device. Let how you will use the laptop guide you in choosing the screen size to suit you.

Light and compact (11 – 13 inch)

Good for: On-the-go people who want a lightweight compact laptop that won’t weigh them down. These laptops are smaller which means they weigh less and easily fit into a handbag or backpack. They are great if you attend a lot of meetings and mostly use your laptop to email, browse the web and type.


Why not try: Asus Vivobook Celeron Notebook \ 11,6 inch – R3699

Large and in charge (15 inch +)

Good for: Serious users who sit and work on their laptops for long periods at a time like students and business people. The machine is robust and will give you more room to view documents and files without having to scroll as much.


Why not try: Lenovo 15.6 inch Ideapad 110 Celeron Notebook – R4999

Best of both

The Connex range of laptops is in the 14 inch size range and are incredibly light. At just 1.2kg these laptops are compact and powerful.

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Ports: can you plug in?

The more you can plug into your laptop the more you will get from your machine. If you like to use a mouse, an external hard drive and a USB stick all at once, look out for how many and USB ports a laptop has before you decide.


Acer A315-31 15,6 inch Celeron Notebook – R5599 | Connex 14 inch Iron Book – R3499

Memory: Are you a multitasker?

RAM or Random Access Memory is what your laptop needs more of if you like to multitask when working. If you only do one thing at a time like work on a typed document or check your emails 2GB RAM will be fine for you. If you like to have more than one tab open when browsing online and enjoy watching videos and listening to music, you should consider 4GB RAM or more.


Connex 14 inch Slimbook Bundle – R4499 | Acer 15,6 inch A315 i5 Notebook – R8999

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