Don’t let your budget stand in the way of your health and fitness goals, for the month of March you can save R300 on the Samsung Galaxy Fit2. Buy any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tablet or wearable to qualify for this amazing saving exclusive to TFG Rewards members. 

Do you feel like you’re the only person without a fitness tracker? They’ve exploded in the last few years as people are prioritising their health and well-being and using technology to level up their progress. We’re all hustling in some way or another and a handy device that’s on you 24/7 acts as a little personal assistant for your wellness goals- monitor your steps, keep track of your workouts and count the calories you burn with ease. 

The Samsung Fit2 launched late last year and is the new and improved version of the original Galaxy Fit. With impressive features at an affordable price, achieving your wellness goals has never been easier. 

Combining fitness tracking and smartwatch features into a sleek device, the Samsung Fit2 offers you all-day comfort and style.

Good looks

The Fit2 has a sleek and stylish silicone band with an AMOLED screen. They’ve not only improved on the technical features from the original Galaxy Fit- the physical button has been removed so the screen sits much closer to the band giving it a cleaner and slimmer profile. It also has a larger screen (1.1 inches) with a 126 x 294 resolution offering you a clear and vivid display to view your health stats. 

Battery Life 

Whether you’re a tech addict or you don’t know your iOS from your Android, the battery life of any device from smartphones to speakers is one of the most universally important features. 

The good news is, the Fit2 does not disappoint as it has a 159mAh battery which means you can go between 7 and 15 days without having to charge depending on your usage. 


samsung galaxy fit 2 watch

Water-resistant up to 50m with 5ATM certification, the Fit2 lets you push yourself without limits. Swim and shower without having to worry. 

Track your progress 

It can detect up to five different workouts (running, walking, dynamic workout, elliptical machine and rowing) – just start your workout and it automatically starts tracking your session: counting calories burned, monitoring your heart rate and keeping track of your time.

 If you’re about to jump into another type of workout, simply select it from the options and start tracking your progress. 

Log your sleep 

samsung galaxy fit 2

We all know how important it is to get 8 or more hours of zzzs, the Fit2 measures various factors related to your sleep and offers tips to improve it. View your sleep stats in the Samsung Health app and improve your overall health and wellness by getting more restorative sleep. 

Manage your stress 

This watch works with Android and iOS and pairing your smartphone via the Samsung health app is quick and easy to do. It automatically monitors your stress-level and lets you know when you need to take a deep breath and relax. 

Don’t forget to wash your hands

2020 will definitely be the year we stayed home and washed our hands. The Fit2 has a hand washing feature which you can set up to remind you when it’s time to get soapy. It even has a countdown timer to save you from singing the happy birthday song to yourself to know you’ve done a good enough job. 

Have your phone on your wrist 

When paired with your Galaxy smartphone, you get instant access to the apps on your phone. Reply to a message, check notifications and control your music from your wrist. 

Fit 2 features

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