Now more than ever contactless payment options are important to protect your health and if you have your own small business, the health of your staff and customers too. Mobile payment systems mean you can help prevent the spread of germs by accepting or making electronic payment for goods or services without having to deal with cash or touching bank cards and machines. You don’t need an expensive bank point of sale system to make use of this functionality. Find out how you can use these affordable options paired with your phone right now. 

Samsung Pay 

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile wallet that lets you pay anywhere directly from your phone. It’s safer, simpler and more convenient than paying by card. 

How does Samsung Pay work?

Special built-in technology allows you to safely and securely load your bank cards onto your phone, effectively turning your cards digital. You can then select the card you want to pay with and then tap to pay in shops without having to get your card out or touch any machines. The best part is that your cards are completely safe as you can only access them using your pin code or fingerprint making it even safer to use than the physical card. 

Samsung pay is also compatible with most major South African bank cards and payment systems.

Find out everything you need to know about Samsung Pay here

Which Samsung phones have it? 

The Samsung Pay functionality is supported by the higher end of the Samsung range listed below. The good news is that all of these phones are available to purchase on your TFG account allowing you to pay them off over time. 


Samsung Galaxy S20                        Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus                       Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S10 E                         Samsung Galaxy Note 10                        Samsung Galaxy Note 10+


Samsung Galaxy S9                                 Samsung Galaxy A30S                          Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


What is Yoco?

It is a small card machine that is really affordable, allowing almost any small business to accept card payments anywhere at little cost. These handy little machines also have contactless tap to pay options making them a safe payment option for you and your customers. 

How does Yoco work? 

Once you buy the Yoco card machine it is yours. No monthly fees or additional costs. Yoco charges a 2.95% fee per transaction and this fee goes down the more money you earn each month (check out the calculator here)

You may wonder why you would want to start accepting card payments if there is a transaction fee. Well, the small fee is worth it when you consider that customers are likely to spend more when they pay with a card over cash. Switching to card payments can really give your business a boost.

Which Yoco model is right for me?

Yoco Go 

Ideal for market traders, plumbers, electricians, tradespeople and even the early entrepreneur with a lemonade stand on the corner.

Yoco Pro

Perfect for established small businesses; boutiques, cafés, restaurants, salons; anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.



Yoco is currently offering big discounts on machines to help South Africans kick start their small businesses!

What our customers are saying:

Whether you use Samsung pay or Yoco machines, support local where you can and pay safe. 

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