Say ‘apple’ and the person you are talking to will most likely think brand and not fruit, but did you know that the world-changing brand that created the iPhone has been in SA for over 40 years?

Find out more about Apple’s history in South Africa in this timeline of the brand in SA since 1979

These premium smartphones definitely come at a higher price to South Africans due to import costs and exchange rates which just seems to make them an even more desirable item to own. In SA, iPhone’s are associated with success, they are premium, high-quality smartphones that say a lot about where you are and where you’re going in life. The Apple icon is your status badge. The question is, should you get one, is it worth it and which one is right for you? We’ve rounded up something for everyone from second hand iPhones to the very latest iPhone 12 models.

Affordable iPhones

If you’re new to the Apple iPhone market, the pricing can be really intimidating and seem totally out of your reach. If you are on a budget and want to buy an iPhone, there are a couple of options that are more accessible and affordable such as the new iPhone 12 Mini or pre-owned and refurbished iPhones that come at a much lower price. Here’s what that means for you:

What is different about the iPhone 12 Mini?

iPhone model sizes compared visually:

apple iphone comparison

image source: WikiCommons

The iPhone 12 Mini has all the amazing features of the larger iPhone 12 packed into a compact 5.4-inch body. It also means this is the lowest price new iPhone that will come in at a few thousand rand less than the iPhone 12 for pretty much exactly the same features. The main difference is a slightly smaller battery because of the limitations of a smaller body.

If your budget is tighter than a brand new iPhone allows, consider buying a second hand iPhone. (We like to think of them as pre-loved) you will be surprised to know how ‘like new’ a pre-owned iPhone can be. You have two options: a CPO or refurbished iPhone.

What does CPO iPhone mean?

CPO stands for certified pre-owned. These iPhones have been resold or traded in at a licensed dealer like the iStore. The iPhone goes through extensive inspection and testing for any potential hardware or software problems that may have developed since it was made. Any issues are repaired, and the item is fully cleaned with the outer case parts completely replaced where necessary so that the phone looks as good as new. It is repackaged in a new box to be sold with genuine Apple accessories (earphones and charger, depending on the model) with a 1 year warranty.

Certified pre-owned iPhones are in near-perfect condition and are resold for a reduced cost. The average person won’t be able to tell the difference between a CPO model and a brand new phone. If the phone is not deemed to be in near factory-level condition by technicians, it will not be marketed as certified pre-owned by the dealer.

What does refurbished iPhone mean?

An iPhone that has been refurbished was returned or brought in usually due to a manufacturing fault or defect, the phone may also have been traded in. The phone is tested by technicians and repaired to good working condition and resold by a dealer. The main difference is that a refurbished iPhone comes with generic accessories instead of genuine Apple ones. A refurbished iPhone also has a 1 year warranty.

So you’re asking; where can I buy refurbished iPhones?

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The latest iPhones

The latest model released by Apple is the iPhone 12 range. These are the 4 devices now available at hi!

apple iphone 12 range


iPhone yet!

iPhone 12 Pro Max

        iPhone 12 Pro                 iPhone 12


new iPhone!

 iPhone 12 mini

●  6.7-inch screen

●  Stainless Steel body

●  Triple Camera

●  6.1-inch screen

●  Stainless Steel body

●  Triple Camera

●  6.1-inch screen

●  Aluminium body

●  Dual Camera

●  5.4-inch screen

●  Aluminium body

●  Dual Camera

latest tech releases

All iPhones can be bought on your TFG account, 6-12 months online and up to 24 months in store. Click below to find a store near you.

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