Everyone has a business idea in their head, but most will never take the plunge to start. Payments, premises and stock control can all seem a bit scary. Yoco is a portable card machine that allows you to take card payments anywhere, which means you can run your business on the street, from your home or at a market and when it grows, Yoco grows with you. Here’s how Yoco can help you ‘just start’.

Yoco card machines are for any type or size business. They work with your existing bank account and smartphone so really, anyone can set it up easily. If you’re worried about cost, the best part about Yoco is that once paid for, the card machine is yours – there are no lock-in contracts or hidden costs, just a small fee per transaction. These handy machines accept all major debit and credit cards, including SASSA cards, ensure safe and secure transactions, have an all-day battery life and 1-year warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So which machine is right for you?

For businesses new to card payments or just starting out.

Yoco Go (R799)

For anywhere you do business, Yoco Go fits into your pocket and combines with your existing smartphone to act as your portable payment solution, on the road or client-side. For the business on-the-go or for the business just starting out, this pocket-sized machine packs a punch for a great price. At just R799, it’s perfect for start-ups. The Yoco Go is the most affordable card machine in SA and is great for low sales volumes. It safely and securely accepts tap, swipe, chip & PIN and mobile payments as well as all major cards. Making this small investment upfront will be totally worth it once you see how much more customers are willing to spend when they have a card payment option. 

For the more established small businesses who want to sell like a pro.

Yoco Wireless Pro (R2049)

This device costs more than the Go, but if you want to level up your payment options then this machine is for you. It has all the same features as the Go plus the Pro integrates with point of sale and accounting software like Xero, Vend, and Tablet POS and has the option to customise your countertop with Yoco’s range of accessories.

Whichever device you choose, giving your customers more ways to pay will ensure that you’re always accessible and will help grow your business.

What are you waiting for? Start growing your business today with Yoco. Shop yours now at hi