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Load shedding, it’s inconvenient and boring, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re organised and your tech is charged. 

Here’s our 8 point checklist on what to do before and during load shedding to have a blast despite the dark:

1) Download a load shedding schedule app so that you know ahead of time when the power will be out and for how long. 

Try these Apps:

EskomSePush  Play Store  &   Apple                               Load Shedding Notifier    Play Store


2) Charge all your electronics before the power goes out.

3) Be prepared with a Power Bank if you forget to charge or if you run low during lights out. 

This power bank has a built-in torch!                   Back up power on a budget     


Volkano Rugged Series 5200mAh Power Bank – R599          Volkano Nano 5000 mAh Li-Po Powerbank- R149


4) Put your tech on low power mode or reduce screen brightness to preserve battery life.


5) Make sure you have a firm grip on your phone in the dark with a Grabtab

 Choose from loads of fun designs for R189

6) This Volkano Release Wireless Q1 Charger keeps your devices charged with no wires or cables needed, making it the perfect item for your load shedding kit. Simply place any compatible phone on top and you’re done. 

  Volkano Release Wireless Q1 Charger – R299


7) Don’t sit in silence. Keep the vibe going with the Riva Arena Battery Pack paired with the Riva Arena Bluetooth Speaker that gives you up to 20 hours of playtime. Beat that load shedding! 


Riva Arena Bluetooth Speaker – R5399                   Riva Arena Battery Pack – R1899


8) Have FUN! Treat the dark like being a kid again and invest in a Nintendo Switch Lite that lets you have fun with no wires and no electricity. Just remember to charge it before load shedding. 


Nintendo Switch Lite – R3999

Be prepared for the next blackout with this tech checklist and you’ll find yourself almost looking forward to the next lights out!

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