If you’re considering taking the plunge to work remotely as a freelancer or entrepreneur from the comfort of your couch we’ve got the top tech you need for the perfect set up to be productive when working from home.  

Anyone who works from home will tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. From getting distracted to staying in your pyjamas all day, there are definitely some challenges to making a home office work. However, if you’re disciplined and have a professional set up you can be even more productive at home than you ever were in an office and enjoy the personal freedom that working for yourself brings.

Here are our tops tips for setting up your workspace: 


  • Get connected 

Reliable and fast internet is a must if you’re going to work exclusively online. Depending on how mobile you want to be, you could get away with a portable modem or you may need a more powerful router if you’re going to be home all day. 

Our top picks: 

Best for your on-the-go office

ZTE MF910 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot – R899

This handy little Wi-Fi router not only gives you high-speed data access, it is completely portable which means you are guaranteed a connection wherever you go. The best part is that this device is not affiliated with any network, so you can decide which network has the best offer for you and insert any internet sim. 

Best for your home office 

ZTE MF286A Wireless Router – R2999

This router is perfect if you work from home or a fixed location but still want the option of taking your router with you. You get a high-speed connection that gets good reach around the house but also has a built-in battery that allows you to use it outdoors or another location if you need to.

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  • Invest in proper equipment

A properly prepared work station with the right equipment makes a huge difference in getting things done. Invest in a professional laptop and make sure you add a mouse to your set up to avoid strain on your wrist from exclusively using the trackpad. 

Our top laptop picks: 

The Acer Spin 5 is as adaptable as your work day. A special hinge gives you 4 work modes and its lightweight 1.5kg body is slim enough to go where ever your work takes you. 

ACER SPIN 5 – R16999

This Acer is a great option for your home office. It has a powerful Core™ i3 processor and 8GB of memory so this laptop can handle everything you need to get done. 

ACER A315 I3 7TH GEN – R7999


Invest in proper Software: 

You’ll also need to make sure the files you share with clients are compatible and professional so we recommend buying Microsoft Office software for your computer. 

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Pick your printer: 

Don’t underestimate the number of things you’ll still need to print when you work from home. Investing in a printer is worth the initial outlay to avoid costly printing fees at print shops and the mission of going out every time you need to print or scan a page. 

Modern printers have cost-effective ink cartridges, are compact so take up very little space and print quickly and quietly. Perfect for your home office!

Our top picks: 

BEST VALUE. Prints, scans and copies 


ECO-FRIENDLY. Ink lasts for up to 3 years!


  • Be prepared for when things go wrong

When your internet is not working

When your home internet fails, you can easily head to a coffee shop with decent Wi-Fi so your work day can continue. A compact laptop is great for sitting at a counter section or small table without taking up too much space. 

We love this versatile Lenovo Yoga 530 laptop that is not only compact at just 14-inches but also adapts quickly and easily from a laptop into a portable tablet. It’s the perfect laptop for a working environment that adapts to your needs. 

When your battery is low

If your new gig means you’re on the phone a lot, make sure you’re never stuck without power to stay connected with your clients. Always keep a power bank fully charged in your car cubby hole, your bag and at home in case there is a power failure. 


NOTE: A lot of the power banks were out of stock, so I think it is safer to link to power banks page instead of a specific one


  • Back up your work 

When you work in an office, you usually save your work on a server that is backed up and safe from any power loss or computer failure. Make sure all your hard work is safe at home too by ensuring you back up your computer to a hard drive. 


Working for yourself is a big risk but if you can get it right you will reap the rewards of flexible time and personal satisfaction. Would you like to talk to someone about your home office set up? Visit our hi stores for friendly and professional advice. 

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