It’s usually the first thing you buy before walk out of the store, but which smartphone screen protector is best?

While completely preventing a scratch, crack or dent is never possible, you can definitely protect your device from major damage and costly repairs with the right screen protection accessory from DIY sticker guards to expertly applied tempered glass and ProtectionPro.

These are pre-cut adhesive stickers that are made for specific device sizes or styles that you can apply yourself to your phone screen. They are made for specific models so you may not always be able to find one for your phone.

Expect to pay: from R169

Protect against:

  • Glare (you’ll be able to see what’s on your screen even in direct sunlight)
  • Fine scratches

Doesn’t protect against:

  • Direct glass impact
  • Heavy scratches

This is a thin hardened glass sticker that you can either apply yourself or have applied in-store (recommended) to the front screen of your phone. Tempered glass is designed to absorb knocks by cracking so that your screen doesn’t have to. You’ll have to replace the cracked tempered glass, but there is a very good chance that your screen underneath will remain undamaged if the fall isn’t too serious.

The downside is that some people report that their touchscreen sensitivity is not as good with a tempered glass protector applied, and since they are made for specific models, you can’t always find one for your phone.

Expect to pay: from R99

Protects against:

  • Minor impacts
  • Fine scratches

Doesn’t protect against:

  • Heavy impacts (dropping your phone from a height onto a hard surface)
  • Side impacts
  • Keys or other hard objects

Shop tempered glass online here

ProtectionPro is a sticker style screen protection system that is custom cut for any device shape or size in-store within minutes while you wait and is then expertly applied front and back to protect your device or phone. Because it is really thin, the finger touch sensitivity of your phone won’t be impacted.

Expect to pay: from R299

Protects against:

  • Minor impacts
  • Fine and heavier scratches from keys and hard objects
  • Dust

Doesn’t protect against:

  • Heavy impacts (dropping your phone  from a height onto a hard surface)
  • Side impacts

Find a hi store near you here (give them a call to check if they have a ProtectionPro service in-store)

Our store staff recommends:

Andre Oaker, hi V&A Store Manager says:

ProtectionPro comes out tops since it saves you the hassle of trying to find a screen protector to fit your specific phone model. It’s also really impressive for the level of protection it provides from minor knocks and fine to heavy scratches while remaining really thin and almost invisible so that it doesn’t add bulk to your phone.

The best part is that if your screen does crack or shatter, the ProtectionPro will keep the pieces in place so that the phone will be usable until you are able to take it in for repair.

Combine ProtectionPro with a good phone case and I think you’ll be well protected against everyday knocks and bumps. 

Save your screen and your wallet with ProtectionPro and TFG Rewards!

Rewards offer: R40 off ProtectionPro in hi stores from 7-14 August 2018. Ts&Cs Apply.