Is a Smart Home achievable in South Africa? Setting up Smart Home devices isn’t as difficult or expensive as you may think. With Smart tech readily available that’s easy to set up yourself, getting smart at home is possible. Here’s how to get started…

What does Smart Home mean?

To keep it simple, Smart Home tech is basically anything that allows you to control elements of your home from your phone or computer. Some of these items can work together or they can be individual items that you choose to use to make life easier.

For example, Smart light bulbs can be connected to your Wi-Fi to allow you to control them from your phone. Ok, so what? Well this means that you can turn your lights on and off from your phone when you aren’t home. Think switching them on at night when you are away on holiday to deter burglars, or switching a light on at night from the driveway when you arrive home to light the way and keep you safe.

You can even take it a step further and connect Smart light bulbs to voice control apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can switch lights on or off with voice command when your hands are full or you’re already in bed.

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What you need to use Smart tech at home

First things first, if you want to make use of Smart tech in your home, you need a reliable Wi-Fi connection as that is what connects your devices and makes them smart; the internet.

If your home is big, you may need to consider Wi-Fi extenders to make sure the Wi-Fi signal reaches well into all parts of your home.

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You also need a Smartphone to control your devices from. Depending on the device, you usually need to download apps to set up and control your Smart tech.

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Smart Cleaning

Now if there’s one area of your home you want to automate it’s daily cleaning! At the end of a long day, the last thing anyone feels like is hauling out the vacuum to manage shedding pet hair or messy kids and partners. That’s why Smart Robot Vacuum cleaners are like a dream come true. These nifty little gadgets are like the ones you’ve seen in series and movies. Sure they seem laughable at first, but when you start reading reviews, you realise that these hardworking machines really do the job. Robot Vacuums can be set to a schedule where they will zoom around your home vacuuming (and with some even mopping!) as they go. They have built in sensors to avoid falling down stairs or crashing into walls. They even map out rooms to optimise cleaning, and the best part? They are self charging! When their battery is running low they take themselves back to the charging station to power up.

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Smart Security

Home security is a major concern in South Africa. Smart technology can give you peace of mind with things like Wi-Fi cameras that allow you to check in at home when you’re not there. Even if you feel secure, a Wi-Fi camera is great for checking in on pets or loved ones at home.

The Connex home security range is made up of various pieces that can be used on their own or linked together to create a custom Smart home security set up for your needs.

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The easiest way to get Smart at home? Use what you already have

You don’t need to buy all new stuff to get smart at home. Use innovative Smart tech to adapt existing appliances to have Smart functionality.

Connex Smart Plug

Connex Smart Plug

This smart plug turns your ordinary tech Smart. Link it with your phone to schedule lights, lamps, fans, and other devices to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you are away.

You can also turn on all your security devices on a set schedule or manage your pool pump from your phone.



Smart TV adaptors

Turn your normal TV into a Smart TV and enjoy streaming all your favourite shows from apps like Netflix, Showmax and more. It’s super simple to set up, all you need is a decent home internet connection. These amazing devices open up a whole new world of entertainment on your TV.

Discover more Smart Home product from these brands:

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