hi has teamed up with blogger Olwethu-Thando Klaas and SONY to show you that the best pictures you take are often through the lens of your smartphone, and not actually from a professional camera.

Olwethu aka @Lady_Crunk shares her top tips on how to capture WINNING shots, literally. Snap and share your best style shot on Instagram using #yourphoneyourstyle and you could win a Sony Xperia XA1 smartphone.

For every one good picture bloggers post, there are 30 rejects from every possible angle, according to Olwethu who is using the Sony Xperia XZ2 smartphone to capture her stylish adventures at Paris Fashion Week.

If you’re hoping to win be sure to work your angles when you post your stylish pictures on Instagram, with the hashtag #yourphoneyourstyle.

Stay woke! Your surroundings do half the work for you! When it comes to pictures, it’s not about being in exotic locations or major cities.” says Olwethu

Professional bloggers like her snap some of their best pictures in spaces places most assume are boring. In a bathroom but the light is lit? Take a straight-on picture that cuts your body in half from head to waist, add a filter if the light is a bit too yellow and you’ve got your shot.

Driving by gorgeous fields or at the beach sun is setting? Make sure to always face towards the light (otherwise you’re a shadow to the scenery). Hold your smartphone sideways so you can get as much of the landscape in the shot. Make sure to get lots of options of yourself in the side, middle of the shot, and other variations (see tip #1)

“Your favourite accessories (jewellery & people) need to come out to play!” says Olwethu

Focus on what makes you look good. Sometimes that means capturing a good friend alongside you or a unique accessory that you can focus on when taking a selfie.

“Being you wins every time! This competition is about you and your style. Everything around you is there to highlight how awesome you are. Work with that!” says Olwethu.

If you get nervous in front of a camera put on some music, remember how awesome you are, check the lighting and go crazy with snapping pictures and choose the best ones later.

Now that you know the tricks to snapping a great selfie, put your new found skills to work and you could win with SONY and @Lady_Crunk!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Take your best style shot with your smartphone
2. Share your pic on Instagram with #yourphoneyourstyle
3. Be sure to add a great caption!
Hint: Follow @Lady_Crunk’s tips above to create the best shot

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Ts & Cs apply. Valid 17 September – 2 October 2018. Entries judged by @Lady_Crunk based on specified criteria.