When one of the most trusted brands brings out two great smartphones with similar features and a R1500 price difference, how do you choose which one is right for you?

We’ve put the 4 most important features side by side so you can make the choice based on what you need from a phone.


Honor 7X: 5.93 inch screen | Aluminium body

Honor 9 lite: 5.65 inch screen | Glass body

Both phones have an impressive screen size with the Honor 7X being the larger of the 2. Although the 9 lite is the cheaper option, it still has a very premium look, with an impressive looking all-glass design while still feeling light and compact. The 7X comes packed in an aluminum shell making it more sturdy than the more fragile glass body of the P9 lite. Both phones are available in the eye catching honor blue, as well as the more traditional black.

If looks are more important to you, the P9 lite is your best choice, but if you prefer a more practical device, the 7X is for you.


Honor 7X: 64 GB, 4GB RAM, micro SD slot up to 128GB

Honor 9 Lite: 32 GB, 3 GB, microSD up to 256 GB

The Honor 7X has 1GB extra RAM and double the storage of the 9 lite, and you can boost the memory of both by adding an SD card.

If you prefer a phone with plenty of internal space out of the box, then the 7X is a better choice, but if you don’t mind boosting your space with an SD card, the more affordable 9 Lite can take up to a whopping 256 GB of extra storage.


Honor 7X: Dual 16 MP + 2 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP front camera

Honor 9 Lite: Dual 13MP +2MP Rear Camera and Dual 13 MP + 2 MP front camera

The devices hero features are definitely their cameras. Although both have a dual camera setup on the back, the Honor 7X boasts a 16 MP+2MP back camera while the Honor 9 Lite back camera is just 13MP +2MP but makes up for it with the same dual camera in the front as well.

If you take more selfies than scenic snaps, the P9 Lite is for you. If Instagram is your game and you use the back camera most, then the 7X has your name on it.


Honor 7X: 3340 mAh

Honor 9 Lite: 3000 mAh

The Honor 7X has a better battery life. Although there’s only a small difference of 340mAh between the phones, the 7X can easily last a full day at work without needing charge.

If you burn through your battery in a few hours then the 7X is a clear winner.

The final verdict? Both phones have their clear winning features, but it all comes down to what you use your phone for. Check out the rest of the features and customer reviews here and make your call!

Link to the phones on our website: https://goo.gl/6pAhYp