Feelings are hard to express, so it’s no wonder that in a ranking of the world’s top 10 used emojis on Facebook, the heart eyes, kissy face and red heart emoji were in the top six. Sometimes nothing says what you mean better than those little symbols.

But with more than 2623 emojis at your fingertips, how do you know if the one you choose will get you a hot date, or a virtual a slap in the face?

We’ve rounded up 5 classic emojis that express innocent flirting to declaring true love. Plus, which ones to avoid.  

?Blush Face

Says: I have a crush on you.

Use if: You want to let them know you’re interested.

?Wink Face

Says: Wanna Netflix and chill?

Use if: You want there to be no mistake that you’re really into them. Like really.

?Heart eyes

Says:  I’m kind of obsessed with you.

Use if: You want them to know you’ve only got eyes for them.


Says: You’re hot.

Use if: You want to let them know you’re attracted to them.  

❤️Red Heart

Says: Let’s be FBO (Facebook official)

Use if: You’re in love and you want to express it in its purest virtual form.

AVOID these emojis like your crazy ex.

Kiss Face

Says: You’re cute, you’ll make a great boyfriend/girlfriend…for someone else.           

Use if: You want to keep them in the friendzone

?Red Rose

Says: I forgot it was Valentine’s Day.

Use if: You want to sleep on the couch. Rather send the real thing.


Use if: Don’t. just don’t.